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I discovered Kindle Vella a year ago, and quickly became a fan of the feature, which provides a free taste of thousands of titles. When you find one you love, you "pay-as-you-go" for episodes using low-cost Tokens you buy. Read about that HERE. 

Right now I'm publishing two (soon, three) titles on Vella. I'm eager to see readers' comments, since they will absolutely influence how the stories unfold! What an incredible opportunity for readers to influence the creative process! 


The Kingdom of Atlantis has remained hidden for thousands of years, protected by magic and Atlantean spies who've infiltrated human military and governments. But now a 21st-century threat to its existence forces a naive, gifted woman to venture "outside," to seek a human antidote to a disease that is killing the humans held hostage in the secret land, and promises to spread to the demi-gods who rule the secret islands within the Bermuda Triangle.


(Rating: starts PG, then PG-13 in later episodes)

Newly-minted physician assistant Abby is in Cottonwood, Arizona, to grab her younger brother from the clutches of an "evil motorcycle gang." Ryder won't let that happen. The Pale Riders need the prospect's mad hacking skills. They're desperate for a new on-call doc. And yeah, he thinks this uptight know-it-all might be old lady material. He just needs to convince her! When their secrets are exposed, there's more at stake than reputations and pride. More like their very lives.


(Rating: starts PG-13, then R in later episodes)

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