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About Amazon's Kindle Vella

What is Kindle Vella and how does it work?

Learn About Kindle Vella - Amazon Customer Service


Buying Tokens

Buy Tokens for Kindle Vella - Amazon Customer Service

What do Tokens cost?

​When you sign up to be a Vella reader, Amazon gifts you with 200 tokens without buying anything! Another great way to try the service without committing yourself.


After you spend these, the number of tokens you buy at a time determines the cost per token. As you see in the screen shot above, if you buy 1700 tokens, it works out to $.00881765 each.

If you buy 200 tokens, each is worth $.00995.

So a 10-token episode would “cost” you roughly $.09.

A 20-token episode would “cost” you about $.18.


My episodes average 15 tokens, or $.14 each (after the first three, which are free).


Hope this helps!

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