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The King's Harbor series revolves around a large extended family, most of whom live and work on a large island off the coast of Maine.


Patriarch Denis LaCombe heads the family of four grown children, 12 grandchildren (and growing!), and dozens of friends and family members that make up the small town. Someone's always there to lend a helping hand, but some problems—and romances—are do-it-yourself affairs.


Join the family for a journey back to love in the beautiful Pine Tree State!

AVAILABLE in Paperback and

in Kindle version for all e-readers

The Ego Trip

Lori Keller is The Love Doctor, a TV psychologist whose star is on the rise. Ten years ago, her detective father was murdered by the mob. When she learns he might not be dead after all, her need for closure drives her to the coast of Maine. 


Acting Sheriff Beau LaCombe isn’t a political animal. But after an inept and possibly crooked cop announces his candidacy for sheriff, Beau must throw his own cap in the ring. To win, he needs a high-profile arrest to overcome his opponent’s well-funded campaign.  


He knows he's falling for the woman who might hold the key to an important cold case. And now Beau must decide between romance and duty.

Which one will prevail?

Original Finish

Years after loss forced him back to his Maine hometown, Sean Galloway believes his life is finally on track. He's up for a big promotion with a restoration supply company, and planning a wedding with the owner's daughter.


Cassidy Vance fled Maine with a devastating secret. Almost ten  years later, she returns to ask Sean to sign away parental rights to a son he never knew he had.


Back when she was eighteen, an adoption plan seemed the best decision. But she’s learned it was a fraud, and nine-year-old Jonah may be in danger.

When Sean inserts himself into her undercover investigation in upstate New York, the outcome is nothing either could have imagined. 


On the Level

Georgette LaCombe fell for her Uncle Beau’s best friend as an awkward pre-teen when he rescued her from drowning during a family vacation. A recent law school grad, she’s back in King’s Harbor, with a crazy job description that’s going to just ruin her designer heels.


Nolan Rivers is fighting to save the family construction business, and the resort project on an uninhabited island will determine its survival or bankruptcy. He’s obtained every possible permit when a strangely familiar woman turns up shackled to his front loader, spouting some nonsense about an endangered species.


As Jett and Nolan fight their mutual attraction, she uncovers evidence that something more sinister is afoot than merely saving the Ram’s Head Lady’s Slipper. And that whoever is behind it—maybe her own brother—will stop at nothing to win.


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