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A "Seasoned" Author Writing Things She Has No Business Knowing About

Welcome to My Blog!

Writing comes naturally to a woman who always has something to say (to the consternation of certain of my friends and family). But fiction writing? That didn't take center stage until I hit late middle age (is that right for age 55?) . . .

A website-based blog has replaced the periodic newsletter I've published for several years. Why? Well, convenience, mostly. I anticipate it'll take a LOT less time to jot some thoughts and post them here than the hours I'd spend on each newsletter, writing, designing, formatting, posting to get the idea. And more time for writing means more fun for me (selfishly!) and more stories for you to potentially read. Win/Win, baby!

So What's New in Olsonville?

Oh my glory, so much.

On the writing front, I'm publishing (as of this writing) two stories on Amazon's Kindle Vella, a highly cool pay-as-you-go episodes-based platform. The first 10 episodes (kind of like short chapters) are always free for any story. Check the "Vella Episodes" tab on my website's Home page for more info.

I'm also still working on book 4 in my Maine small-town romantic suspense series, and targeting a holiday release for that one.

I've started the first in a five-book contemporary romance series set in Maine and New Hampshire. A group of friends in a retirement community are using devious means to interfere in the love lives of their children and adult grandchildren. The series is called "The Catfish Club." Sound interesting?

Plus I'm playing around with a non-fiction piece. Several ideas in the hopper on that one. (A-D-D much, Madeline?)

In my personal life? Well, lots of changes on the horizon there as well. Suffice to say, I spend a lot of time visiting by phone, online and in person with my children and their families on the US west coast and Germany.

What's Next with this Blog?

Since it'll be easier to update, I plan to share snippets of works-in-progress plus funny (to me anyway) nuggets about life in the slow(ish) lane. I hope you'll come along on my journey, and add questions or comments as we go.

Have a little free time? Remember that my King's Harbor (romantic suspense) books are always free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers, and for sale on as well as at select independent bookstores and many international Amazon outlets.

I hope to hear from you! What would you like to know about?


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