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Wearing a dozen hats


I've met only a few of you, but I'll bet you're like me in at least a couple of ways.

  • You love to read!

  • In your life, you juggle a bunch of different things and never seem to have enough time to do everything "right!"

I'm actually busier now than when I worked full-time and raised two children. How is that possible, you say? It's likely a combination of my Type A personality plus recognizing I have far more years in the rearview mirror than I do ahead of me. Depressing? No way! I finally have the time (and moderate resources) to do most of the things I couldn't when I was younger!

So what's on my typical agenda? Well, there's writing, of course. My first blog mentioned all the writing projects I have underway. I typically devote 3-4 hours a day to getting words on the proverbial page, and more than that if I'm under a self-imposed deadline.

Then there's my volunteer work. I'm a Granite State Ambassador, an offshoot of the state's tourism department, and I volunteer at the state's information booths and certain special events, helping NH visitors learn how they can Live Free in NH.

I volunteer with Haven NH, which provides support for survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse, violence prevention education, and community outreach.

Until recently (when I relocated), I led a writers' support and education group at my local library.

And I'm the webmistress for the Northern California Romance Writers.

I love to craft: beaded jewelry and furniture restoration for the most part. I'll do a separate blog on that sometime.

I play Mexican Train dominoes, Texas Hold 'Em poker, and cribbage at the "active retirement community" where I live. As well as Tai Chi, guided meditation, book club and random other stuff. It's a great place to live!

If I ever fall in love again, I fully expert it to interfere with my "work" schedule, but wouldn't it be nice?

Gotta go. Things to do, people to see. Write to me! I'd love to hear from you!


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