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On the Level

Georgette LaCombe fell for her Uncle Beau’s best friend as an awkward pre-teen when he rescued her from drowning during a family vacation. A recent law school grad, she’s back in King’s Harbor, with a crazy job description that’s going to just ruin her designer heels.


Nolan Rivers is fighting to save the family construction business, and the resort project on an uninhabited island will determine its survival or bankruptcy. He’s obtained every possible permit when a strangely familiar woman turns up shackled to his front loader, spouting some nonsense about an endangered species.


As Jett and Nolan fight their mutual attraction, she uncovers evidence that something more sinister is afoot than merely saving the Ram’s Head Lady’s Slipper. And that whoever is behind it—maybe her own brother—will stop at nothing to win.


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.